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747 taking off from Amsterdam - sent by G Winch

Like they say in the Netherlands, ÑÑÑÑÑOOOO!!!!

That’s a bit too close for comfort
EVA Air Boeing 747-45EM taking off from runway 36L at Amsterdam-Schiphol, Netherlands .
The great timing and angle just makes this shot, and the size of the 747,
look surreal.
The distance to the fence was 145 meters(475ft)... Yikes!
I wonder if anyone computed the take-off distance prior to the trip?
This is an amazing picture of a disaster that didn't happen. From the smallest
airplane to the largest, weight & balance calculations are a critical part of flight
safety. From the looks of this 747, the weight was within the CG envelope*, but
if they'd have added one more 'marshmallow' to each snack tray, this BIRD
might not have cleared the fence!!
*Centre of Gravity (Weight & Balance).

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